Things To Think About When Hiring A Renovator

Things To Think About When Hiring A Renovator

Doe Lake Gravenhurst Muskoka Ontario

Doe Lake

Doe Lake (once called Doeskin Lake) is located about 4 miles north of Gravenhurst. It is a smaller lake with about 42 cottages and/or homes. The lake is about 10 feet deep with a sandy shoreline on the south and west sides. Water comes into Doe Lake from the west side and drains out through the farm land at the east end. A small creek flows into Fawn Lake and continues into Buck Lake. The east end of the lake was formerly a 300 acre farm owned by the ‘White’ family. At the west end of Doe Lake, on the opposite side of Conservation Road, there is a property with an artificially created pond. The ‘Conservation Club’ dredged the marsh to attract ducks and other wildlife.

Doe Lake’s catch of the day will likely be a bass although yellow perch, sunfish and catfish are also present. Properties on the lake sell an average of about $330,000. Doe Lake residents are living in the area and also vacationers.

Taking a Stroll in Downtown Gravenhurst

The Doe Lake property is located about 5 minutes from the Town of Gravenhurst (pop. 11,640, grows in the summer) to south on Hwy 6. Gravenhurst is a small and quaint town with a cottage country charm.

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