Directions to Grandview Lakeside Community Club

Direction to Grandview Lakeside Community Club

Riverview 1 Cottage, 1230 Grandview Lodge Road, Severn Bridge, ON, P0E 1N0
Have my cell number handy, just ask me for it.

1) Drive north on Hwy 400 towards Barrie

2) Take Hwy 11 north towards Orillia/North Bay – go 43.3 km.

3) You will be turning about 4.5 km after you pass Webers Hamburger Restaurant – this is the orange cross over Walkway Bridge.

NOTE- IF FISHING you can pick up bait at Ellwood Epps which is about 2.4 kms pass Webers.

4) Turn right after the sign for Hawkins Corner and the Northern Motel/Thai Restaurant.

5) Turn right at Goldstein Rd/CR38/S Sparrow Lake Rd/Port Stanton – go .3 km. Happens real quick.

6) Turn right on Goldstein Rd (follow over bridge over to the other side of Hwy 11) – go .7 km.

7) Turn left onto S. Sparrow Lake Rd – go 8.3 km. You will see a community center in front of you at the T-intersection.

8) Slight left onto Torpitt Rd – 4.6 km (At the stop sign – just stay to your left)- S Sparrow Lake Rd becomes Torpitt Rd).

9) Turn right onto Grandview Lodge Rd at the big sign “Grandview Lakeside Community Club”

10) Drive down this private road – (this private road is 1 Km to my place)- past a few cottages – until you come onto what was an old resort. Drive Slow.

11) When you get to the playground on your right continue on this road and down the road stay left – up the short rise between the cottages to the circle in front of you. On top of the hill on the left (looking up from the circle below – you drove by it on the hill to the right entering the circle) is my cottage called – Riverview 1 (has all the cedar trees in front of it)

NOTE – The boat ramp is located in this area – put the boats in the water here and dock the boats nearby. The trailer needs to be put in the the trailer parking area on the road coming into the property.

12) Once you unload your car you will need to park in the car park area. Park car and boat trailers in the trailer parking area (behind the sign on the road coming in) – or unhitch and leave the trailer in the trailer area and the car in the car parking area.

Directions To Grandview
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Map To Unit Within Grandview
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