Directions to Goltz Road Property


There is a spot to park on the road on the way into the land. The road coming in is quite large at the beginning at gets more narrow as you go into the land.

Here is the directions to the property. It is a bit more down the road then the Google Map (driving directions click here).

If you look here on the Google Earth picture (land directions), you will see how the trail/road cuts at the corner on the bottom left.

The main landmarks are:
– There is a house on the Goltz Road, but it may not be used in the Winter. The property is about 1/2 km below this.
– There is a stream and marsh just before the last road to the property starts, please look at the Google Earth image sent with this email you can see it on the top of the picture.
– There is a OFSC sign, it is close to or on the road passing the property. If you go to there site at this map, it gives a great
overview of the Road passing the property (just type in Goltz Road, Muskoka Lakes), note the sharp turn on the road.,5582510.69913693,-8742371.27110437,5727369.91326677
– Finally there is the “sharp turn” in the road, however if it is under snow it will be hard to see. And with the lack of snow, the road
has not been used that much for Snowmobiling this year or it would be more defined. Here is the Google Earth coordinates for the spot are (+45° 4’46.47″, -79°25’27.71). Google Earth .kml files are also attached.

Finally, here are GPS coordinates for the bottom left corner:
Latitude +45° 4’46.47″
Longitude -79°25’27.71″

Calculated Values – based on Degrees Lat Long to seven decimal places.
Position Type Lat Lon
Degrees Lat Long 45.0795750°, -079.4243639°
Degrees Minutes 45°04.77450′, -079°25.46183′
Degrees Minutes Seconds 45°04’46.4700″, -079°25’27.7100″
UTM 17T 624012mE 4992997mN
MGRS 17TPK2401292997
Grid North 1.1°
Maidenhead FN05GB99BC83

Any questions, please ask.

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