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What You Need to Know Before and After Your Stay

We are looking forward to you enjoying our cottage for your vacation. Below is a list of tasks for your stay.

Stage 1 – Checklist Before You Leave For The Cottage

Digby Cottage Availability Link At this point, your week has been booked, you have filled out the booking form and paid your rental and the security deposit. It is now time to begin planning for you trip!

  • Payment – Remember two weeks before your stay we require your final payment.
  • Full Kitchen – You will not need any cooking supplies, dishes etc at all. It is a full working kitchen. There is a stove, toaster oven, microwave, fridge etc.
  • Linens – The beds have linens.
  • Towels – Bathroom towels are provided.
  • Food – You will bring your condiments and food.

Stage 2 – Checklist For Trip To The Cottage

DigbyCottage Directions Each week begins on Sunday at 4:00 PM (there may be some earlier flexibility) and ends on Sunday at 11:00 AM.

  • Print out the MAP LINK directions and if you have a GPS load it in.
  • Key – The key for the unit is with the property manager.
  • You might want to take a look at the weather predictions

Stage 3 – Checklist For Once You Arrive At the Cottage

Grandview Information Upon arrival you drop off the two Digby admin forms to the property manager. Please note you are expected to restore the cleanliness of the Cottage to that in which you found it upon arrival.

  • Outside BBQ – There is a BBQ with propane on the front deck.
  • TV / DVDS – There is a TV in the living room. There are lots of DVD’s for your viewing pleasure.
  • Two Digby Admin Forms – The 2 Attached forms need to be filled out and passed to property manager.
    CLICK HERE. for FORM_NewBookingsDIGBY.doc
    CLICK HERE. for FORM_SignInDigby.doc
  • Food in fridge – There may be a few odds and ends in the Fridge. Use them at your leisure.

Stage 4 – Enjoy Your Vacation!

Cottage Rental Satisfaction Form Any questions, you can reach us by email at or phone 416-848-7028. Have a great holiday!

  • Rental Satisfaction Form – After your stay please fill out the rental satisfaction form to let us know how the vacation went.