Property Rental and Sales

Property Rental & Sales

With the openning up of the MLS by the Canadian Real Estate board and many online rental and selling marketing websites, your options for renting and selling your home are substantial. fourDawn AuroraCon can help you navigate the various options available to you to act as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) or do it yourself rental landlord.

We strive to only fill the rental and sales services that are necessary. Giving you the flexibility to undertake those roles you can handle without our support. We want customers to know and understand that their are various support options with the resulting service fees.

If you have any questions about our rental and selling management services or know how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service will look forward to talking with you and finding the best solutions for you.

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We Give You The Tools To Rent or Sell Your Own Property

fourDawn AuroraCon Property Sales & Rental

Vacation Home or Cottage Rentals: fourDawn offers competitive and personalized rental support services, with marketing and advertising strategies aimed at maximizing your vacation home or cottage bookings and rental revenue. Each month a detailed monthly statement is prepared documenting all monies received from the tenants as well as all monthly expenses.

We offer various vacation home support services: such as responding to booking inquiries, schedule and monitor arrivals and departures, housekeeping/maintenance service, on-call maintenance, check-in service, damage deposit service, customer contact and detailed monthly statements.

Residential Home Rentals: We can support your residential rental listing with a real estate service or allow you to market your rental property yourself. Using our website as a property information page and the many online marketing listing services and selling mediums available today on the Internet you can avoid the high commissions charged by real estate agents in using them to rent your residential property.

To ensure all owners’ requirements are met, we offer packages that can be customized to suit your rental needs. Please contact us for more detailed information concerning our various rental management packages, and the various services we offer.

Real Estate Sales: Online services to support the selling of your home by yourself have been around awhile, but they have grown immensely since the Canadian Real Estate Association opened up its Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in 2010 — where the vast majority of real estate transactions occur — to agents who charge a flat fee rather than the standard real estate commission. This greatly assists anyone who wants to sell their own home. The process of selling your own home is called “For Sale By Owner (FSBO)”.

Using the FSBO method, you can save ten of thousand’s of dollars in real estate commission fees. Also, you can sell lower valued real estate like land parcels, which might be ignored by agents due to their low commission value.

We can support your FSBO efforts, but setting up an information and contact page webpage for your property, directing or setting your property on the various online selling sites and managing sales leads.

Contact us to assist you with preparing your land, vacation or residential home property real estate listing.